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Been a while i know, i offer my sincere appologies – but i have been away, back in blighty for five days!  Had a very busy schedule while i was there too.  Thursday night, i took the sex pest to the strip bar – bought him a super slippery lap dance with one of the girls, his face on return was an absolute picture, white as a sheet and stiff as a board (not in his pants though)  I think she scared the living crap out of him.
Friday was dentist time – i love it, these chicks are so gentle with me – have to go back for a filling in september too – treatment is heavenly!!
Saturday was Mr. Richers wedding.  It is a cliche i know, but his bride did actually look stunning.  Lots of my friends were there so catching up was easy and of course a pleasure.
Sunday, BBQ for georgias 14th birthday – a family affair, calm and sedate or at least it was when i left.
Monday was my day off although it soon dissappeared under a cloud of things i must do.  I did manage to forget a few things though.  Wratchet spanners for the mason jones in mallorca, squeezing heavily pregnant Kelly Gurnseys breasts, a new front number plate for my car and some custard for Celia in lisbon.
Seems i took the weather with me too, at least until the early hours of tuesday morning when i was driving back to heathrow – it absolutely hammered down but i did enjoy that too.  England is blissfully green and overgrown, you do forget how green it is after living in the desert out here.
Technology too, tonight i had a friend request from my mum on facebook – and she is officially a pensioner!!!  I had to decline the web cam request – being in a bar is never good for band width.
This afternoon i cleaned up my boards.  Completely stripping the wax off them, wiping with white spirit and re-waxing the big one at least.  High tide is around 13.30 tomorrow so a 9am arrival at the beach is required.  I am set for a surf in my shorts for a couple of hours before the tourists get there.  will be tanned and toned by tomorrow afternoon. I love it.  I paid so much attention to my boards this afternoon that  Nuno couldn’t believe it.  I am sure if Marple was watching me, she would have been amused by it too, if not a little miffed also.
Spoke with a very old friend earlier on facebook too.  she tells me she is out here with her family in a couple of weeks, i hope she has time to say hello while she is here – i havent seen her in years- Jo Beach, take  bow!!!
Havent heard from max in a while – sometimes i wonder if she is still alive but then i guess thats what happens when you live in leicester.  Tonight, i am having an early night.  I have my Fred Dibnah box set to start on.  It’s an engineer thing, most of you just wouldn’t understand – does it actually run?  i am sure Jones the cock will fully appreciate them too.
My friend Anna gave me a tip off too for some work in the states – you never know quite what will happen.
Tomorrow i will have a thousand stories to tell of surfing in my shorts so be sure to stop by soon.
Before i leave, let me just let off a bit of steam – FACEBOOK!!  why do people send me friend requests when i have never met them ?  Today i had a request from a girl i don’t know.  She had over 1100 ‘friends’ listed!!!!!!   also,  I have been stalked by a german girl for a few weeks now, sending me gifts and shit.  She finally stopped when i told her i liked anal sex and wondered if she did too.  If you send a friend request to someone you don’t know, i figure you are fair game for some abuse in return.
My copy of ‘Singlefin- Yellow’ arrived today – now all i need is a multi region DVD player
Authors footnote – this one goes out to Gary Lineke who sent me a garbled message the other day – i responded by saying that ‘it sounds like you have a man in your life’ , to which i received no reply – maybe i was right after all – where are you Gary ?

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