Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Preparations have begun for the summer of love!
Plans are afoot for three visits to england this year.  More than i have ever done before but one of them will be a sneak in – sneak out jobbie.
A couple of birthdays in April, flights booked but need to be in palma to take them.  that could be a problem if we don’t get out of martinique soon. A super quick in and out mid june when i finish with the boat.  super quick because i will fly in one day, and the next, fly out again, wiht my new 10’2” planted securely under my arm.  My last visit is planned for late July when Mr Richer will be getting married.
After that, the summer is mine.  August will be the month for working on the house, purely and simply because there will be tourists everywhere.  Early september i might just pop back to palma to do some training but from then on, it will be surf surf surf until the end of the year and my eventual return in december to palma once more.
authors footnote – we are now less than 1000 visitors away from that free BMW that has been on offer for almost 6 months now.  keep stopping by and be sure to leave a comment on any blog posting to qualify

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