Let me tell you a story

I guess i have been a bit lazy of late………that and really not having much to write about, so let me bore you with some waffle.
I finished my PADI advanced course this week, without drama or incident.  I was hoing to have a dive this morning too but when i got to the dive shop, the boat was out of action for service so will have to wait until next week some time.
Have started working on the boat in preparation for what i believe is now a good possibility of sailing back to Palma.  The longer we have to wait here, i firmly believe the less chance we have of being taken home on a ship.  The thought of crossing the atlantic is not something i take on lightly.  I promise that i will be wearing my EPIRB 24 hours a day and never venture onto deck without my lifejacket firmly attached.
A trip like that would take around three weeks in total, maybe around 14 days to the Açores and another 7 from there to Palma.  By the time we make it back to palma, we will have very little time to prepare the boat for departure to Greece, hopefully Corfu and the summer season.
All being well, by june , i will be finished and heading home for the rest of the year off, which leads me nicely into a little rant!!
dont be fooled by these cheap airline tossers.  I checked this morning with the likes of easyjet, BMIbaby, Thomsonfly, all were quoting a return flight at the end of july for around 400€. I looked at FLYTAP – portugals national airline which i have used and recommend several times, their fare for the same time??? a smidge under 150€, and they have leather seats and of course hot latina stewies………..so if i do decide to fly in for brother Richers wedding, it will be with TAP
Anyway, whichever way you look at it, i should be home in portugal from june until mid december, with nothing to do but surf and perv over the local hotties on the beach.  my new longboard will be with me ……which leads me to another rant!!!!
Alex Clifton – please take your finger out of your arse and send me some pictures…..
i hope to spend the summer on the beaches where i belong

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