white dog poo


yeah yeah yeah


i know, i havent seen it in years – just like you , but today while walking in Fort de France, Martiniques capital (1970`s forgoten town) i saw some white dog poo.


now, i seem to remember the last time i saw this was way back when we lived at 7 Ryder Way in lutterworth (2114 who’s speaking please?) and i always imagined that it came from white poodles but i never stalked any to find out if that were true. Anyway, by chance, i had my camera with me so i took a photo.  I am sure it will be a source of quaint nostalgia for all those readers above the age of thirty.  White dog poo seriously rocks!!!!

click on the photo above (it used to be below but i guess microsoft have improved everything by moving it above) to take it to full screen to really get the full benefits


authors footnote – yes! i am pissed.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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