rant and rave

it´s been a while and i really thought i should have a good old rant and rave about something.  I thought long and hard about what to rant and rave about and could think of sod all.
Ok, at first i thought about having a rant about being stuck in the caribbean for months, not knowing when i can leave for home, but then , as the ever so luscious Lisa Melvin pointed out earlier on messenger – i could be stuck in rugby, england, without sunshine and without beaches.  On its own, not a bad place to be but lets be straight about things, caribbean it aint. She is luscious too, damn i wish i had hooked that one good and proper!
So i sat pondering and pondering and pondering
and then it hit me like a pound of sweaty gusset at mach II.
yep, sex, good old fashioned S-E-X.  Do you know the last time i had it? no, probably not, but i can remember exactly. October 22nd 2007 at around 13.10.  it took 10 minutes to walk from the boat yard at lunchtime to Jess´s apartment in La Llonca. Now, you might find it strange that i am telling you about this, maybe even more strange that i remember the time and date – well, that was my birthday!!!
Oh paddy whitelaw, i bet you are laughing your tits off now!  Even you get it more than that ( or maybe not!!) infact even mason gets more than that and that my chums is a very serious statement to make.
so here i am , a proper english gentleman, in my prime, tall, dark , handsome, well hung………and still without woman, and i am not talking about that old paul young and zucherro track either.  So instead of spreading my wild love seed around the world, what do i do?
I post stupid pictures from around the world.  please take a look, i have no idea where i keep finding this crap but i do, it seems, my only form of stimulation.  some world war II classics from america – fuck yeah!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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