and she was

Absolutely, mouth wateringly, drop dead gorgeous!
Ladies and gentlemen, last night, at a dock party here in Martinique, i had the pleasure of chatting with the most beautiful french girl of all time.
Yes of course, all french girls have that certain something but man alive, this one really had it going on.
first and foremost – coefficient, that goes without saying, but this girl was also tall and slender.  Now i stand at 6`2“ or 188 for you europeans out there.  she was almost eye height so at least a 6 footer.  long curly hair cascading over those lean bronzed shoulders, lips that any cosmetic surgeon would be proud to put their name to, but these were au naturelle. Her movements were elegant and mesmerising.  As we stood casually chatting, that slight french accent with her spoken english was just perfect, then she tells me she lives in Palma!!!!
It just kept getting better, Santa Catalina to be precise, an area i know well, i could hardly believe what i was hearing. 
And then she dropped it…………………………like an atomic bomb on hiroshima
she lives in palma with the love of her life!!!
i went numb, maybe even dumb, i tried to keep talking and smiling so that she would not notice my disappointment, i think i may have got away with it.  I was mortally wounded…
A little later on, the french guy i used to share an apartment with in Palma came to say hello.  we got chatting and it turns out that this young french honey is actually the chef on his boat, and not only that but she is now sharing the apartment with him.  At this point, you might say ‘its a small world’ but i was still trying to keep my chin off the floor from her earlier statement.
Anyway.  we chatted again before i left, i did manage to get her email address and of course will be sending her a little message when i get back to palma, maybe, maybe i will even be praying that the love of her life dissolves into a distant memory, because a man with integrity NEVER steals.

One response to “and she was

  • Monkey Bate

    Hi, just a random passer-by wanting to say great blogs, keep up the good work ^_^
    So cool how you\’ve travelled to so many places too.
    Take care, hope you get what you want soon haha =)

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