Oh yes!!! time for a rant.
this web site fills my inbox with so much shite that i have been driven to take further action.  I dont want to completely delete my account because infact i have re-established contact with some genuine old chums along the way, but i have to do something!
somewhere between 10 and 20 mails a day, sent because someone was bored at work and it is so easy to add another recipient to the circular, all spewing some complete crap about how someone wants to know or how you rate or what swear word are you .(this one actually had promise until my results came and i was expecting to be a cunt or at least a cock!!!).
so , i am going to see if i can block crap from the three main offenders without deleting their accounts. If not, i can delete them.  I mean, they all now have my email address, they can use that right?
not completely.  I have a few of my good friends who now dont use my old fashioned hotmail account any longer but email me via facebook!
so, let me begin this social experiment. be sure to check back soon to see how things are going.
authors footnote.  don´t forget people, that free BMW is still up for grabs for the 20,000 visitor.  we are so very close now!

2 responses to “facebook.com

  • wayne

    aha, nice work my friend, start deleting those fuckers that have less than 20 friends, then you will be off the compulsory hit list

  • Russell

    nice rant cock! I am now in exactly the same postion as you \’cos you told me to open a facebook account! you plum.

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