memoirs of a not so distant past

important to point out that i will not be mentioning any names for fear of returning to a shit fight situation.
i had some contact today with an old flame which left me completely bemused.  It was suggested in her e mail that I did her head in and also that she had been looking over her shoulder all day for fear of me being back in town.
Naturally i questioned this because, from my memory i recall having to block her number on my phone to stop her calls and text messages.  when that wasn´t enough, i had to block the email address too, after the – i am pregnant – and – i lost the baby- emails came and went…… maybe you can understand my confusion.
Anyway, enough of that
this morning i dusted off my old marathon trainers.  they havent been used in a year , maybe a little more but i decided to run to the beach this morning and have a swim before the rest of the crew woke up.  Now these old shoes of mine were once accustomed to running the equivalent of a marathon each week but this morning was only a mile and i have to say , i was completely shagged when i got to the beach.  I still managed a swim and then a gentle canter back to the boat and i have to say, i feel a lot better for it too so tomorrow morning , some more of the same.
it still feels wierd to be in the ocean on a january morning at 7 am  in just my shorts.
Looks like we have details of our next visitors too.  they will join us un antigua at the end of the month for 12 days.  after that, we can ship back to palma for some well earned maintenance work.
check me out again soon to hear of my PADI dive adventures

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