blissfull weekends

I am sorry, i hate to gloat, i know how cold, wet and miserable england will be right now.
i just had a most chilled out saturday for a long time.
This morning i booked myself on a PADI open water dive course, that should keep me busy all of next weekend.  After that, coffee and a brownie.  The girl behind the counter asked me ´do you want this huge one´ !   doh, chocolate cake – me – no question about it..
after my highly nutritious breakfast, i walked to one of the local beaches with the snorkel gear.  As the place was almost empty i decided to snorkel in the buff.  very liberating and thankfully there were no barracuda around to munch on my tackle.
after that, a walk back to another beach and more snorkelling and lazing in the sun.
finally when i had had enough sun, i went back to the bar for an ice cold beer, sipped it gently until it was all gone and then came home for english muffins, toasted of course with cheddar and branston pickle – i am in heaven.
tomorrow i am on watch so no fancy thrills. will join the video club tonight and rent a handfull of films
authors footnote.  its been so long since i wrote one of these, infact my blog entries in general have been a bit thin on the ground.  let me just say, Antigua is a blissful place, helped by the fact that we are getting time off to enjoy it.  Alll of the islands i have been to on this tour have been good, the best, without a doubt are the french islands.  The worst was the dutch side of St Martin.  Two new islands that we will explore in february will be the british virgin islands and barbuda, i am looking forward to that.  since leaving england just over three years ago, my life has improved immensely.  anyone thinking of becomming an ex-pat, do it and do it without delay, you wont regret it

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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