Merry Carib Christmas

I appologise, it´s been a long time. I landed in sint maartin on the 8th decemeber and since then have hopped around a little bit. we left st maartin for st barts, then onto st kitts and are now currently on anchor in Nevis. We have some more island hopping to do before finishing in antigua before new year. aparently there are some good fireworks for new year in st barts so we might head back there.
I have been very busy with work but still found enough time to swim with some sea turtles in st barts and yesterday snorkelled with schoales of multicoloured fish here in nevis over the reef.
I have not managed to find a new sim card for my phone and at the moment it looks like we may leave mid jan for palma once more, so for now, if it is urgent, please use my spanish number, just bear in mind, it costs me a whole heap of dollar!
the water temp here is mid twenties, the air temp in the thirties, high humidity and very sweaty, makes the sea very inviting at the end of each day.
so i wish you all a very cold, wet, miserable and expensive christmas period, sitting in front of the TV watching the omnibus of Eastenders while i struggle away here in paradise.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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