Elvis Presley

I am officially doing an elvis.
the only place i can get a good internet connection here is in McDonalds, so expect a serious bloaty next time you see me.
i am still trying to get a new sim card for my phone and as soon as i do i will let you know. we have almost finished repairs to the boat and if all goes to plan we will be away on saturday heading for St Kits and Antigua but more on that shortly
It is warm here, around 30 degrees every day with very high humidity. it rains about 4 times a day but only for a couple of seconds and if i am honest, you are always glad for the drenching.
Of course, the place is full of yachties, which bores the crap out of me, their conversation is always very predictable, wind , beer , sex and drugs!!!
Some times i realise that christmas is just around the corner and then suddenly i realise i will be completely detached from it this year, and i like that a lot.
almost finished.
just so that you know, we are 4 hours behind GMT here.

One response to “Elvis Presley

  • blue seas, blue skies, blue eyes

    No need to put on a big belly, there is an internet cafe just around from the Soggy Dollar in St. Maartin.  There is an internet cafe just a skip away from the stern of your boat in St. Bart\’s and Jane\’s in Antigua is a good place to start.  Also try out the expresso martini at Skull Duggeries…yummy.  Try to stop dwelling on the the fact that some yachties take drugs…there are plenty of other great things to do in the Caribbean.  Try the grilled crayfish, go for a walk down one of the dingy dirt roads and find yourself a little quiet beach or just check out how the locals be livin\’.  Go for a dive or go for a windsurf, or just go for a frozen rum drink on one of the many nuddy beaches.  Your traveling, getting paid lots of money…ENJOY IT, take lots of pic\’s, try out local foods, speak to the locals….life is good.
    Mallorca is sunny and chilly and absolutely beautiful.  They have decorated the streets with lots of white lights, people are smiling and just plain ole\’ happy.  For someone who has been traveling around the world via the sea and chasing the sunshine, this is a great change living in one place for awhile.  I am looking forward to cooking turkey with all the trimmings and a few sweets such as apple pie and white choc cheese cake….yummy!
    Enjoy your fireworks and expresso martini\’s and that carib sun and fun.  Merry Christmas and all that ho ho hoing stuff.

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