Live from paris

i finally made it here after a whole day travelling. I started in portugal this morning at 6 am, then had lunch in palma and now here i am about to get into bed in paris. By tomorrow afternoon (GMT) I will be in ST Maarten courtesy of air france.
Nariida were first across the finish line some time last night and i have just checked the other boats and they are all still sailing so it looks like they will do the double and also win on corrected time.
Corrected time is a bit like putting a fiat panda in a formula one race and giving it a three day head start.
Anyway, while we are on the subject of formula  1, i would like to thank Niki Lauder. The oldies will remember him as the guy that almost burned to death at the Nurburgring in the 70´s. Well, he started an airline a few years ago and by golly gosh, a damn fine airline it is too. Fresh new paint on new planes, pert leather seats, drop down screens with all the info on that you could imagine, including a web cam view of the cockpit and damn fine fillies too. Infact i dare not get out of my seat for fear of embarrassing myself. If you want to try it out, it was also the softest landing i have ever had! not like those cunts at spanair who almost broke my back !!
I would also like to thank aireuropa. my first flight with them earlier this year scared the shit out of me, it felt like the plane would fall apart around my feet but the last two flights have been perfect, and the added bonus that they let me check in my bags 5 hours before my flight was due to leave so i was free to wander around palma (and tenerife!) without lumping a bloody great bag with me.
I sent the grommetts packing this morning too, rupert and dean have gone back to blighty no doubt where it is freezing cold and raining.
I was sad to read last week that Evil Knievel died! brought back memories of his stunt cycle with the plastic rip chord through the middle. every kid in suburbia had one of those or a pink panther one at least.
I have on order a new longboard. a monster at 10´2´´. Had to source it in england though, and in true cornish style it wont be ready until late january but davey the ding man will do a damn fine job as always, good old davey morgan. all i have to do is get it from england to portugal.
so my short term future is unknown. i have no idea how long i will be in the caribbean for or where we will go from there. i must admit, i do kind of like the uncertanty.
I will post new contact numbers as soon as i can but in the meantime, for really urgent stuff you can reach me on
until then………keep warm you suckers!!!

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