the travels continue

Yeserday we anchored in the forgotten island of Monserat. You may remember this place from 10 years ago when its volcano errupted burying it´s capital under 20 feet of volcanic ash. it was a strange site, a ghost town of half burried houses. Three quarters of the population left after the erruption and just 4000 ish are left today.
As we sailed away, we could still smell the sulphur in the air as the volcano still vents today.
Tonight we are anchored in Les Saints, on the french island of Guadelupe. The bay is still and the live caribbean music is wafting across the bay. hard to believe it is almost christmas.
Tomorrow i have to rig the fairy lights on the main mast.
We will stay here for a few days before heading back to St Kitts and then Antigua.
Sadly , we will be leaving mid january and my 6 week carib fest will come to an end. We ship back to palma mid jan and by the end of that month i will be back in palma until we leave for ST Tropez before easter. After that, back to palma before heading for the greek islands again in june.
I am using my spanish phone still, if you don´t have that number, i probably don,t want you to have it.
until soon,
merry christmas to you all, and a special christmas hug to Jo Beach

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