road trip time again

locked and loaded and ready to hit the road again in the morning at around 7am. A full 23 hours later, i will be in palma once more, but only for a short while before catching a plane and heading to Norway. 
so let me sound off a little. i have been reading some english press this week. it always makes me chuckle. i read with interest that the youth that stabbed head teacher steven lawrence to death some 12 or so years ago has been saved extradition back to italy because it breeches his human rights! oh yeah, you all know what i am about to say. what human rights does that immigrant deserve ? stabbing a teacher that was protecting one of his students, the little fucker should be castrated and left on the village square in the stocks to slowly bleed to death or be stoned by the locals. and guess what, after serving half of his life sentence he will be eligable for early release next year, and of course, he is a completely reformed character
I also read of a man arrested and taken into custody after a burgler fell from one of his windows and hurt himself badly. FUCK OFF!!! surely common sense suggests that if the stupid little thieving bastard hadnt gone into someone elses property, he would never have got hurt. both home owner and thief were released without charge…….where is the justice in that?
and finally, amid stringent air security, a 7 year old lad from up north caused a major terrorist alert at two american airports recently. The poor little fella shared a name with a known terrorist and this was flagged up on the pre flight security checks. All was resolved albeit with a delay to the travelling family, it is good to know that all of this additional security actually works. The parents of the boy are now considering changing his name, yep that should do it, i bet by now, every known terrorist has changed theirs too!
Doh !!
I also found out today that i have registered as a resident as far as tax purposes are concerned. that was good news for me, it means i have a 2 year waiver on any capital gains tax should i sell my house. At 25%, that is a good saving but i have to lump all of the profit into my next purchase to avoid paying anything at all, but i dont see that being a problem.
last night while checking my car over before i leave, i noticed a water leak inside the car. great. a problem a day before i am due to leave. a quick fix this morning and all was well, at least well enough to get me to spain. i will leave the car at the local garage there for full repair while i am away, that will solve the problem of finding somewhere to store it too.
Finally today the wind dropped, and is due to drop even more tomorrow. this is so funny. i spent the whole summer here amid howling winds and gales without a decent wave in sight, now i am leaving , all things look to change for the better. damn.
anyway, looks like i will be busy now with nariida until new year so wont be back for a while. i have a two week break in november but i have to yet decide where to spend it. i can return to portugal, stay in the canaries or head to the caribbean and wait for the boat to arrive. i could also stay on the boat for the race across the atlantic.  your thoughts are appreciated.
authors footnote……i have recently noticed a falling readership for my page.  shame on you all, have you got better things to do with your time? anyway, since its birth over two years ago, my lovely little page has had over 16,000 readers so i have decided to offer a new BMW to the reader that logs in as the 20,000th visitor (yes i can tell who has been reading ) all you have to do is keep reading and also tell me what colour you would like you BMW to be. You can do this by leaving a message in my visitors book here on this page. the judges decision is final (thats me!) and no correspondence will be entered into. usual rules apply. for more information, email
lastly………boyhair, change your security settings on your space, i cat leave an abusive comment by return

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