the calling

this morning i was woken by a telephone call at 10.30. i grabbed my phone and saw the caller id ‘Nariida’.
so it is time to leave portugal. heading north of oslo where it is likely to be very cold,  i have been warned to bring thermals and warm clothes for the trip south.
should be an interesting trip too, the wind has been blowing a hoolie for weeks here in portugal so i am expecting a rough time, especially across the bay of biscay.
there is one distinct bonus though, i will be sailing past my home in portugal for the very first time ever!
I am also meeting with the estate agent before i leave, to see if she can sell my place while i am away.
Finally , after three years of being here, i managed to get a post ofice box too. because my house is remote, the post man will not deliver to my door, so while i am away, my mail gets returned to sender as the post office in vila only keep it for a week. so today, i have to contact all of my mail senders and give them my new address, i wonder how that will work out ?
so, no time to sit and ponder, have to hit the road on thursday morning, lots to do.
authors footnote. yet again, i would like to give a running fuck slap to someone. this time, a recruitment agent in england. he mails me every week with yacht jobs, whenever i respond, i cut and paste the line of the job i am interested in and mail him back. his standard response is always ‘which job’ what a complete fuckwit! these lazy cunts should all be shot at birth. if i do respond to his insolence, his next standard response is always ‘ can you send an up to date cv’ which again makes me want to shit in his mouth because he already has it. thing is, recruitment agents charge such a fat fee that they really should be bending over backwards to help. fuck them all

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