The co-efficiency of women


sometimes as i ponder life and all that it is about, i make some remarkable discoveries as to life itself. for instance, i am sure you have all heard the term, the meek shall inherit the earth?

well only during 2007 did i realise the irony in this statement and how the joke actually works. this in my 37th year on earth.

my age also makes me feel good about other things, especially over the youth of today.

I can happily work in feet and inches and also metres and centimetres, the youth, no hope, what is an inch? the older generation, ask the opposite question, what is a centimetre

i can read my speedo in kilometers and also work out how long it will take me to cover 100k.

i have also had time to fully appreciate women and all of the forms they come in. tall, thin, short or fat, they all have a certain appeal. i have recently discovered something that will help you all understand the correct proportion of a woman. This , i have for the porpose of the scientific community, called the co-efficient of women. This is a previously undiscovered phenomenon but from this point forward, i am sure it will be entered into every day use

the guide is simple to use and can be applied to all women, with only one exception, pregnant women, they are granted a temporary excemption from this scheme.

when viewed from a side profile, a womans breasts should stick out further from her stomache.

simple i know, but think about this revelation for a moment, it is pure genius!

skinnier chicks tend to have smaller hooters, but as they are skinnier, their smaller ( but still perfectly formed) hu hu’s still protrude further than their super flat bellies.

On the other hand, a ‘bigger boned’ woman will also have larger air bags but still she will be in the right zone of the co-efficient.

now for all of the women out there that are wondering if they fall inside the co-efficient, there is only one way to tell. unfortunately, this co-efficient is not lineal, so i can’t offer you a size to weight graph but if you want to check, simply remove all of your clothes, stand in front of a mirror and hey presto!

For borderline cases, errect nipples are acceptable but for further queries, please send a photo and a stamped addressed envelope to me at

i will study any requests carefully and post my answers on this page



Authors footnote, thanks to Dr Lineke…….women with falsies are immediately disqualified. ladies, if you have silicone, it is because you don’t love yourself enough in your natural state. when this is the case, how can you expect a man to love you for what you are when two parts of you are false ??


2 responses to “The co-efficiency of women

  • Mrs Miggins

    Bless you – I passed too and I\’m really LMAO! I feel pretty good now, pathetic huh. *rolls eyes*
    Love,  Mrs M (a natural B, & lets face it, not many people are going to have falsie ones that size) 

  • gemma

     thank you I love this post!!!
    from a natural DD 🙂

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