Free BMW woos new readers

so i made it in one piece. a mad blast across spain and hit valencia just after 7pm. went to buy a ferry ticket and the guy asked me if i wanted a ticket for the sea cat that was already loading. i bought the ticket and drove on the cat, and they closed the door behind me, it was that close! 
I sat in my chair, thinking how much money i had. I hadnt had time to go to the bank in valencia and i had just 8 euros to last me until i got to palma. thankfully, the prices on the boat were not a rip off. i managed two coffees, a can of coke and a baguette with fresh tortilla and still had change.
Then, absolute bonus, superman returns started on the boats tv system so i picked up my gear and moved forward to see the screen better. got comfy and was looking foreward to the crossing when suddenly the actors started speaking……….bummer!  see, in portugal, they subtitle all of the english speaking stuff but in spain, they dub absolutely everything and with the speed they go, i had no chance in working out what was being said, so i sat in my chair as the ocean gently rocked away beneath me.
It is kind of comforting to feel the boat gently rock, better than flying. I mean, if the boat sinks, at least i can swim, if a plane stops flying, well your pretty much shagged unless you are actually superman. so i pulled out my trusty iPod and snuggled down. At midnight, i arrived in palma again.
Pleased to see that my readership this week has suddenly taken a huge jump. amazing what happens when you offer a free BMW to people. 125 visits today alone.
I woke this morning to the sound of thunder. yep, mallorca in august and thunder storms with heavy rain. also rained again this evening with a slight rumble of thunder, so you see it is true – the rain in spain stays mainly on the wayne
now check this out, jake made me feel very old the other day. i was talking on the phone when he told me that he has a date for his driving test. if he passes, he has agreed to drive me to my sisters 40th birthday party! doesnt that make you feel old, when your son offers to drive you somewhere!
and now check this out, i thought i could make a gift of my car to him so i punched in some details on direct line and also on so direct line came on at 2500 for comp cover, dropping 60 quid if you down grade to third party, elephant wanted 6500 quid……oh my god!
and lastly, today i heard of the killing of the eleven year old boy shot in liverpool. sad. i also watched jimmy tarbuck doing an interview for sky ( well he is a scouser too) finally someone had the balls to say on tv that there is no deterent in our current legal system to punish offenders properly people see how easy the penal system is on offenders and are happy to take that route. good old jimmy even suggested national service again. he also commented on the murderer of steven lawrence being released and the bullshit around the human rights crap too. we all know what needs to happen. stop pandering to the bullshit politicians that are too afraid to hit out hard at these scum suckers that ruin your society

One response to “Free BMW woos new readers

  • Mrs Miggins

    Totally agreed on your last paragraph. 
    Just discovered your blog – really interesting, I\’ll be back!
    Love, Mrs M ~ X ~

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