pain and suffering

ok, so one dead dude on tonel beach wasnt good enough!
yesterday morning i surfed for half an hour, thats all i could manage. so i figured surf each morning and each night for as long as i could manage until i was up to full strength, so last night i returned to tonel.
not a perfect wave but not too big which was just how i wanted it. third wave of the session, went to get to my feet, missed and twisted my knee!
then the struggle started. the damaged knee was also on the leg that my leash was attached to so with each wave, my leg was pulled even more. i managed to belly ride the board into the shallows then i had to release my leash and let the board get washed into the beach.
i scrambled into the beach and grabbed my board. unusually, i had walked to the far side of the beach to surf so i had a long hobble back. lucky i guess, i could have gone somewhere else with a rock climb to get off the beach. seems it was a week that tonel would claim more than one casualties but at least this time i was alive, not like the dude that was face up on the sand early on sunday morning.
feeling more than a little sorry for myself, i headed to the bubble for a beer and something to eat. They still sell Bohemia only this time , a special edition at 6.6%, it is as smooth as the underside of a milky bar!
two of those, a toastie and i drove home and slept fro 12 hours solid.
so now i face a week or two of recovery, living in a place where there is nothing to do but surf or drink beer. i will take my board to the beach and go for a paddle, a bit lame i know but at least i can start building strength into my upper body again. i still have my snorkelling gear too so i should find some interesting things on the sea bed, maybe i will buy a harpoon and see if i can catch some fish the old fashioned way.
whatever happens next, i will be sure to keep you entertained for the rest of the summer.
keep coming back for a read whenever you can. i have had close to 16,000 readers on this page since it started. not outstanding in commercial terms but not bad or a private blog page. maybe i will give a prize to the 20,000 reader ?

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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