in recovery

still a little wobbly on my twisted knee so not able to surf. managed a swim and paddle at the beach this morning at 7am before the tourists got out of bed. the water was unusally cold for the south coast but i was just happy to be doing something.
busy cleaning up the love nest, throwing away all the old crap that i have amassed and never used. strange thing is, if you put something next to your bin here, it is never long before someone takes it away and uses it for something.
so the small annex has now been cleaned out and i have re-stowed all of the boards that i now have. ok, one is linekes and two are ruperts but i still have my two in there too.
i have been trying to talk justin into making me a new longboard but at ten feet plus, there just isnt room in there to make it so i will either have to get in touch with davey the ding man in st agnes or buy a pop out (a little impersonal i know). i may try billy boy at carapateira but he really is a short board dude.
things are very slow here in sagres, not too many tourists, most of them are spanish but thats how i like it anyway.
must dash, have more cleaning to do

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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