return of the traveller

safe and sound in portugal again. managed to keep to schedule too, arrived on sunday morning at around 05.30.
when it got light, i headed to mareta to check for a wave, a small ripple but not enough to surf, next stop was tonel.
laying on th ebeach was a body of a young surf dude, with a couple of paramedics around him. seems he had been at the party on the top of the cliffs and either fell off or decided to take an early swim , no doubt full of booze or drugs or a combination of the two.
either way, the sight of a dead body on the beach at 6am was not appealing so i never bothered to surf yesterday.
woke at 6 this morning and headed back to tonel, no one in the water and a small wave, ideal for someone who has spent 7 months out of the water, so i had a go.
pathetic, is all i can say.
after half an hour i was knackered. i caught one wave and didnt make it to my feet cleanly so i decided enough was enough. will go again tonight at sunset, i guess i was unfit, out of practise and worrying about the dead dude.
give me a week or two and i will be up to speed.
so not much has changed in sagres. more of my friends are still here than i thought would be, and of course, there are a shit load of spanish too.
either way, the scene is set for the summer, this is where i will be
come and join me if you can get time off work

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