the love bus

for the second consecutive year, the love bus has passed its annual (good job i didnt mis-spell that) inspection without a single fault!
Hurrah you say. thing is, to be an MOT inspector in spain or portugal, you dont need a mechanical background at all, apparently they can teach you all that you need to know in a comprehensive 6 week training course. Now compare that to blighty where, without 6 years mechanical experience, a recognised trade qualification and a Ministry test to validate all of your skills and knowledge, you cant even MOT a mechano set!
Of course, being of sound body and mind, i always keep my car in tip top condition purely because you never know when the next big road trip is due. So i finally replaced the punctured tyre that i got while driving here in november last year! yes, 8 months without a spare goddamn it!
so that brings me nicely onto my next road trip. On saturday 14th, i will be venturing homeward again, 10 hours from valencia, 17 hours in total  and around 1000 kms (which i will manage on just 1 tank of diesel) and i will be back in my love shack for the summer.
this time, i wont need my huge box of CD’s because i bought an 80gig iPod and radio transmitter for the car, so fresh tunes all the way. when i get home, the ding king will have repaired my longboard for me so it will be straight out for a sunday morning surf. I doubt i will be much cop though, a bit lardy from living on a boat with a full time chef and not been in the water since new year, so it will be a softly softly approach.
My plan, is to do nothing but surf until september! and i mean nothing. nothing more than clearing the garden and tidying up the house. no building work, nothing. a fun summer for me.
I would say that it will be cool to meet up with all of my old chums again but there are few of them left now. It is hard to survive in the algarve if you dont have a big bag of money to take with you and none of them do.
of course my favourite german chicks are still there, say hi to frannie and kati everyone. not forgetting russ the cock and family, ben and tina, sean the mad paddy, ric from the bubble to mention but a few.
Zeni is back in the states though, she was the last of my original friends to leave. she does promise to return some day but i doubt that will happen. so i am left wondering what awaits me
mason, cris and paul ( all three of them are complete cocks) will arrive some time in september but i will have left by then.
so for now, thats all i have to say
authors footnote – the author would like to thank his sister for the nelson mandela joke. sadly i cant get the text to fit the page correctly but i am sure you can still get the joke

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