men and shopping

let me give you a few tips for when you are loading up your trolley.
Normal ettiquette suggests loading the heavier items at the rear of the trolley, closer to you. with the weight at the rear, it makes for easier manouvering around the aisles. but if like me, you still like to hoon it down the aisles hanging off the grab rail, then you have to stick the heavier stuff in the front for ballast. sure it handles like a pig but who cares ! if you can make it from one end of the shop to the other with one giant push, all the better thats what i reckon.
on a lighter note
one week left in sunny palma.
the car is good, i have my ferry ticket, just need a tank of diesel and to pack up my things and thats it! ready to rock and roll for the summer.
my last 7 days in palma until maybe october.
Just had a trip to the magical porto pi. you may remember me ranting on about that place months ago, the shopping centre from heaven, a complete babe fest. well, its still the same but now its summer time, the chicks are super hot. the place is so rammo, it is again intimidating so for the second time in  a week i have tried to get out of going there. no joy.
please dont get me wrong, i fully appreciate the female form. normally, coming from england, you would expect to see a couple of hotties while trolley surfing around sainsburys but in this place, it is tottie heaven. even if they stacked the shelves with mingers, there would still be more crumpet in there than rough stuff.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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