sisters !!!!!

 Nelson Mandela  is sitting at home one day, when there’s a knock at the door. Standing in Nelsons doorway is a small Japanese man, dressed  in a white coat and holding a clipboard.
 "Good morning Sir" says  the man, "You take derivery of two thousand flont headrights"
 "Two  thousand front headlights?" exclaims Nelson, "I haven't ordered headlights, you must have the wrong address, now good day to you". And
he shuts the door.
 The following morning, Nelson hears the door bell ring. He opens the door, and again there is the small Japanese chap, white coat and clipboard.
 "You take derivery of 124 pair  rinscreen riper" Says the man.
 "Windscreen wipers? I haven't  ordered windscreen wipers, now clear off! " And he slams the  door.
 Saturday morning arrives and Nelson is just sitting down  with his freedom coffee and the paper, when there's a knock at the  door.
 Again, standing in the doorway is the Japanese  man.
 Looking down at his clipboard he says "You take derivery of  600 spark prugs"
 "Now listen to me" screams a very irate Nelson. "I  don't know what's going on here, but let me make this perfectly  clear, I HAVEN'T 
 The bewildered Japanese man looks hard at his clipboard  and then says,
 "So you not Nissan Main  dealer?"

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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