there is usually a chick involved!

i spoke to julia last night, the girl that lives in my house in portugal, or rather, she spoke to me. she was furious that i had told her i intend to return in two weeks time. I had to ask the question ´am i allowed back into my own house´ she was having a complete egg.
at first i thought she was joking with me, i even laughed at her, but sudde nly it dawned on me that she was serious, saying the house was too small for both of us, she has paid rent, put her books out, painted the rooms etc.
it finished along the lines of , i was happy to share with her, if she has a problem sharing with me, then she needs to move on. The more i think about the conversation, the more confused i get. we spent months living together and nothing was a problem. I only charge her 100 euros a month and that includes her electricity too so maybe you can understand why i am so miffed.  I actually checked out some flights today to get over there and sort it out but i had calmed down a lot by this morning.
I called justin, the surf board maker who rents the annex. I asked if all was well at the house as her reaction to the whole situation really did shock me. I wondered if maybe she had turned it all into a hippy commune or something but he reassured me all was well.
i ownder if she has kept up to date with her rent too?
anyway, back to the main subject, chicks
the whole reason i am hanging out for a week or two here is to wait to see a chick i met from one of the boats. a very sweet american girl (fuck yeah!) and see what happens from there.
after that, its portugal until september when i have to leave for norway!
authors footnote  – i know its been a while but i have a real pearler for you today ….GROWING OLD IS MANDATORY, GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL!!!

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