so let me bring you up to speed

I jumped off of Yanneke Too on friday evening after a ‘brush’ with the skipper. The yachting industry is pretty awesome and sadly can still be filled with people that talk to you like you are a fool. so for the second time, i quit this boat! despite the skippers best appologies and attempts to keep me on, i always feel that once bitten twice shy is a good rule to live by.
Shame though, the owner asked me to stay on which i declined unless he had the apetite to bring the boat up to scratch. I told him i had no intention of staying and making quick patches on the boat. i suggested that he needs a three year plan with at least 4 months downtime each year to bring the boat up to speed. He agreed on the spot and included a 5 month lay over in florida next year. that, i would have enjoyed but i know i would have been constantly banging heads with the skipper about priorities and how a boat should be maintained.
it is wierd though, the things you find out after the event! since being back in palma, everyone that knows the boat is suggesting their surprise that i stayed as long as i did, and of course i was surprised to be told of the skippers coke habit but with hindsight, that would explain the irrational behaviour. so, yanneke too is no more. The day after i left, the first mate also resigned his position.
I have secured a role on Nariida starting in september. I have to join the boat in Norway and sail back to palma where the boat will be prepared for a race to the caribbean. I will deliver the boat to the canaries for the beginning of november and then have a little time off while the boat races the atlantic but i will also have to fly to the carribean for christmas to bring the boat back to palma. All that is left to do is agree a salary with the skipper but i am sure they will be fair with their offer.
so i have two weeks in palma to kill time before leaving for home and a two month surf holiday on my home beaches. i am looking forward to that, last time i was home, was for new year and in the company of the doctor!
sadly, i have no fuckwit observations to add at the moment, i have been working my ass off and not had time to watch anything or anyone. I am also uninspired to add my usual authors footnote but keep coming back. i am on the loose for the next two months, all hell is about to break loose.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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