The November Archives

i always find it funny to read the comments sent by my ex girlfriend, you remember, the stunning portuguese beauty – sandra. well, her comments are still here, hidden deep in the november archives from 2005. i like to read them every now and then.
but while i was ragging through her ramblings, i noticed that there were also requests for photos of my friends to add to the page. I had plenty of photos in from that request and figured that maybe we should do it again, only this time, with new photos. so, get emailling again, only photos from between november 2005 and now and suitable for publishing here for family viewing.
In the interim, i have re-named the page back to its original name ‘ The November Archives’ . i doubt sandra ever knew that she inspired such a cool name. if you want to have a laugh , check them out, november archives from 2005.
but for now, get sending your photos to

One response to “The November Archives

  • gemma

    Had a quiet 5 mins at work and have read your november 2005 \’sandra\’ blogs – very funny, what did you do to that poor girl haha?? i also see you had invited some jokes, thats an excellent idea – some of them were V funny indeed…. only one i ever remember is : –  WHY ARE PIRATES CALLED PIRATES????       COS THEY ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! tee hee

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