jealous yet ?

 i reckon you might be
next week we are racing in the super yacht cup here in palma and as soon as we have won that, we are heading to Valencia for the Americas cup. After that, back to St Tropez and who knows where else.
it comes at a price though. currently working flat out 14 hours a day to get the boat ready. I am ready for sea trials but the deck boys have to finish their stuff still.
All being well, on tuesday we can sea trial then it will be a manic thrash to fix any other problems we encounter before we start racing at the weekend. its gonna be fun thats for sure.
the boat is great fun to be with. the skipper is a real character, an american dude, the stewie is also an american chick who bears an uncanny resemblance to fat pat, the chef is an aussie bird who is just plain funny, the first mate, another ozzie dude who is into sword fighting with a difference and lastly the deckie, a yarpie. of course, dont forget the best looking dude on the boat, the english gentleman and engineer, thats me folks!
anyway, the next week or so is going to be very busy so i doubt i will get back here for a while. all i can say is take care and if you see any of the racing on tv, keep an eye out for me , i will be there

One response to “jealous yet ?

  • Lineke

    I am jealous for sure! Make sure you support New Zealand while you\’re watching the America\’s Cup. Mind you the skipper on the Swiss boat is a Kiwi too. However the cup should be back in New Zealand…. where the best sailors are! Enjoy and have a great time Wayne!

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