whats the status on the status

is the status good or bad – you decide!
Ok , been back in sunny mallorca for just one week now, already picked up work for this week, which has now turned into a full time role until september at the latest.
America – fuck yeah! i love it. the short lived and outgoing engineer was from ‘the other side of the pond’ and sadly he just coudnt cut it, even worse for him, his attitude stunk and he managed to piss everyone off so much that there was only one option for the captain to take – step up El Wayno !!!!
so no portugal until september at least, maybe even october but the guy has offered me a seriously good package to help him through the season. I am of course still hanging out for the nariida position but for now, a summer in the med is a very attractive proposition. so, we kick off in 10 days with the super yacht cup here in mallorca, then a blast over to ibiza and the spanish coastline.
the real bummer is that i havent even finished unpacking my gear yet and now i gotta pack it all up again!!! thankfully , i hadnt made the effort to make the bed so no hardship there.
I see the surf is big back home too, a little too windy but hey, its gotta be better than here.
so enough for now, gotta go and meet mason the cock for a beer.
be good
authors footnote – back by popular demand, only problem is i have nothing to report today, check back tomorrow dick head!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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