always something to do

a brief visit into boat yard palma, and half an hour later, i have a job for the season, including some sailing between here and the spanish mainland. So the french job will be shelved and rejected purely because they have not been quick enough to confirm details with me, it really is as simple as that!
the boat i am moving to was next to us all winter while i worked on nariida. they are still here and desperate for good help so i will take my chances. meeting the skipper again this evening to thrash out the details but that is just a minor thing. He wants me to start in the morning but i have already committed to someone else for tomorrow.
so here we are. mallorca for the summer. I am still in contact with nariida, the engineer there is still keen to pursue the job share scheme but as they havent made it to norway yet, they havent been able to thrash out a deal with the boss, but this is the job i really want. I am confident it will happen.
just picked up the keys for my old apartment, moving my stuff back in tonight so all is looking peachy once again. life is just too good to me.
enough for now, just wanted to let you know i am alive and kicking

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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