when life is this good

all you need is a sweet wave!
i landed in palma at 6.30 yesterday. this morning i started preparations for the job hunt on monday. 30 A4 envelopes, 30 cv´s and 50 business cards.
while i was stapling them together and tucking them into their envelops,  was told of a job. so, it looks like in two weeks time, i will be heading back to St Tropez as a relief engineer on another Wally, more money than the previous boat too.
all i need now is a cute latina honey by my side, so tonight, palma is gonna get it
authors note. I am really beginning to dig these little notes! just a quicky this time. Max is alive and well as you can see from her comment on my previous posting – alive and well and living in Leighton Buzzard, well somebodys got to!!!!

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