reality bites

down to earth with a bump!
today i started in earnest, the boat has clearly suffered from a lack of good work and the previous engineer wasnt too good at keeping record either.
My first test was the water maker. you know the stuff, take in sea water and through a process of reverse osmosis, turn it into drinking water. well it took a while to figure out but i got there in the end and serviced the unit too.
tomorrow i go head long into a couple of oil leaks, a water leak and a stock order for our journey. its gonna be tough to take in so much before the owner arrives. The captain has not been with the boat long either so we are both a little short on general knowledge for the old tub. Whatever happens, i will succeed.
the owner is due in just over a week and we start our journey for athens. when we get there, we get 5 days off with the owner heading to land.
stay tuned for more adv enture on the high seas.
authors note , i would like to acknowledge many things here but instead i am going to keep stum, preferring silence as my weapon of choice.

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