a new adventure begins

so , this afternoon is my last in mallorca for a while. my flight leaves at around 9 this evening and i will hit england at around 11.30. a night in glorious Crawley and then tomorrow afternoon i jump on with BA and head direct to Rhodes where my boat is waiting for me.
i am looking forward to my new adventure and also my new prospects of working with Nariida on a job share basis. I will stay with St Jean until the end of september and then head to england for a couple of days for my sisters birthday and to see the dentist again.
after that, i will head back to mallorca to collect my car, then immediately start my next road trip and head home to portugal for most of october.
at the end of october i will ready myself again for Nariida, she is racing to the carribbean in november so no doubt i will start that adventure from here again. when the race is finished, i will return to portugal until the boat arrives back in palma in january for refit. so , my year is meticulously planned as you can see.
the chance to do something new is always appealing, so is the ability to earn a lot of money so that i can get the builders to help me with the repairs to my little portuguese love nest.
in between all of that, i hope to get back into the water again and have some good surf.
so, my new adventure begins. i will be available on my spanish phone number while away although sometimes we might not have signal depending on where we are but i am looking forward to seeing Rhodes, Kos, Corsica, Italy, Corfu, Athens, Sardinia, Tuscany, and Santarino to name but a few.
No doubt i will be working hard, but i will of course update my space whenever i can with photos and fuckwit observations so please keep stopping by and saying hello.

One response to “a new adventure begins

  • Robert

    Hey Wayne,
    I wish you all the very best on your new adventure, but from the list of places you will be stopping, I DO NOT SEE BEIRUT, the least you could have done was get the captain to stop off here for a night, so I could buy you a beer, well that is pushing the boat out a bit, I could have just said hello! It is a shame you will be in this side of the Med and not stopping in this lovely place. ENJOY my friend,    Rob

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