will i be ready on time ??

i wonder!
been a mad rush today, ok , that might be a slight exaggeration but i have been trying to copy all of my cd’s to my laptop so that i can take all of my music with me. at last count i reckon there would have been around 250 cd’s in my box. so , at around 12.30 today, i started copying.
it is now 22.30 and i am a little over half way, and getting bored with it! You know how it is, i have hours and hours of music, and , if i didnt copy all of it, the first time i wanted to play something specific, it would be something that i didnt copy.
i am looking foreward to leaving on friday, i have now had enough of mallorca, all it seems to do here at the moment is rain rain rain. i get a little pissed off with getting wet feet alll of the time from taking my shoes off to walk on the decks.
so my last four days have arrived and then, greece and the western med for at least three months. i may even stay on a little longer. That will put me in england at the end of september and hopefully then i can have a month at home, i havent been there since new year and i am now beginning to miss the place.
so i now have all of my photos on the laptop, i still have to download the old stuff from my web page but then i can start indexing everything and getting some form of organisation into things. I have also been able to offload all of the photos stored in my camera and most importantly get that snow patrol song off of the camera too. it was the only place i could store it to keep it safe! a perfect acoustic version of chasing cars, to remind me of teh dutch doctor!
well, i better get back to copying my music.
ate logo chums !

2 responses to “will i be ready on time ??

  • lexa

    thought sailing on a friday was a no no!!!!  or are you winging it to your destination????     a bit of tedium before an adventure is not the worst thing, hope you have a flatout fab time and will obviously see you on the http://www……. good things buddy!! err, any chance you could make that snow patrol accessible, i deleted mine, no particular reason, just one of theose senseless things you do and then sit back and say ,    nooooo!!!!!    why i did i do that!!!!

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