did you ever wonder?

sometimes, you walk along the street and see a single shoe. i often wondered how someone could be such a dumb ass while they are walking, not to notice that they had lost a shoe, i mean surely you would notice right?
in addition to that, you would only ever see mens shoes, never womens, so naturally you would figure that men ae the dumbest of them all!!
thats what i thought until last night.
i walked off the back of the boat and went to put on my fip flops {or jandles depending on which hemisphere you are from}
imagine my amasement  when i realised one was missing. i can only think that a passing dog, the furry thief, picked one up on his way past and carried it off home to his dog wife as a pesent. now i know the mystery of the single missing shoe
authors footnote. for those that read them, and other readers comments. sometimes in life, people are just complete cunts. sometimes i just want to tell them that and other times i want to slap the twats while i am telling them. i have never deleted any comments fom this page and never will. so the other night, i got so fucked off wih someone that i wanted to tell you all but decided not to print it fully, hence the cryptic message

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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