absence of observations

let me tell you. just the other week, russ mentioned that my page was becoming a little boring due to a lack of, and i use his words, a lack of ‘fuckwit observations’. i guess this has been mainly due to the amount i have been working as this stops me getting out and about to make such fuckwit observations but i hope to today redress the balance.
on friday night, i went to an apartment party which just happened to be frequented by a good gathering of stoners! of course, not my thing but i decided i should try to mess with their minds.
I mentioned the Earl of Sandwich, and his great invention, the sandwich. I guess few people realise that this is a great british invention, on a par with the internet or information superhighway as it was once known, both massive world changing inventions and both by english men.
anyway, a few questions and debates arose from my observations, mainly
how did we used to eat food with bread before the great earl had his brainwave? assuming that we just laid our food on top of one pìece of bread ( i say piece because this invention would have happened in the era – pre sliced or to give it its latin name ‘ sliceus fingerous’).
more importantly – what was this food then called? an ‘open’ perhaps? i have no idea.
the killer question which really had the stoners on edge was – if the great earl hadnt made the invention, how long would we have waited until someone else thought of it? i mean, as far as inventions go, it wasnt the toughest one in the book now was it ?
ok, so now i got you all thinking!!!!!
so more news form this week. my clutch in the car is kaputt. i have had to leave it at a garage with a spanish mechanic, not something i am happy about but at least he came recommended by mason ( who still anchors in poo bay)
i re-instated the greenpeace book, and am once again rivetted. i sat in a cafe this morning for a read, it was heaven. like all sundays should be, bright sunshine, just me myself and i with a good book.
last night i stayed home, watched a video called ‘click’ with adam sandler. a very cool film with the extremely hot Kate beckinsale too, other stars like christopher walken, david hasselhoff and for the eagle eyed amongst you, delores o’riordan from ‘the cranberries’. it was a perfect night, i turned the tv off and fell asleep where i lay, under my quilt and slept until 10am with morning.
nariida will come to a close before the 25th and i will look for new work. i have two options at the moment, a shore based position and stay here until the end of september or find a boat and sail for a year, still undecided at this moment in time.
anyway – stay tuned for summer madness – as soon as my camera is back, i promise some stunning photos of palma dog poo

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