easy observation

ok, so the world is full of twats!
while typing my last piece, i had to endure a cockney twat talking to his family  in england at stupid volumes with very basic cockney diallect. Repeating himself everytime the phone changed hands at the other end, a false and strained laugh and talking at a hundred miles an hour with little thought behind what he was saying, it seemed like his call was a chore rather than a quest to stay in touch.
but the complete fuckwit next door is beating that hands down!!!
we have all looked in despair at poncey twats that wear sunglasses indoors? well, check out the complete ozzie fuckwit two seats down, not only has he got his sunglasses on indoors but he has them on while using the pc – what a complete fuckwit!
authors footnote. at this point, the author would like to confirm that there really are some complete twats in this world!  as max is the only person known to read these footnotes, i would just like to say ‘hey babe’

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