days like these

man, i hope i dont have too many.
a little behind schedule, nariida hit the water this morning. I can only liken the feeling to someone who is having a baby, an expectant father. The excitement and anticipation builds as the boat is carried to the water and gently lowered in, then all hell breaks loose as everyone dives on board to check systems and valves for problems. Now imagine, you are the chief engineer or the captain, the anticipation for them must be mental.
all was well except for one small problem, a leaky through hull valve. the law of the boat says that if you worked on a valve and it leaks, its your problem to fix it. Now by fixing it, i mean taking the old one off and rectifying the error. When you take a valve out of a boat, the water comes in, so, the poor soul that fitted the valve has to dive under the boat and insert a wooden bung into the hole from the outside.
by now, i am thinking that you have guessed ahead? yep, i am the poor soul that fitted the valve so sometime this week, i have to take a swim, without a wet suit in a very cold meditereanean sea!
if that wasnt bad enough, i thought my clutch cable had broken and tonight fitted a new one. things are not all they would seem. the clutch cable was fine bu tthe thrust bearing had pulled off the clutch unit instead so now i have to take the gearbox out and fit a new clutch. bummer is, i fitted a new clutch less than a year and a half ago, i guess thats what you get for buying things on ebay.
so now, i have to use the dollar i was saving for a laptop to fix my beloved surf bus instead.

2 responses to “days like these

  • Gala

    Hellooo wayne im shure that you are a good person i dont write more because my english is more bad when i write jajaja see you bye kisses

  • lexa

    Oh dear, at least you\’re in the med and not the icy atlantic, your nuts\’ll freeze so you won\’t feel Anything anyway, also, you still have a job, that\’s always good.  I\’m marketing a little business I\’m setting up and I am not good at that sort of thing, trying to find my way around a new city, so it all gets a bit much some days, but what the fuck…….GO FOR IT!!!!!   On the puppy poo thang, we have 4 puppies, 9 days old, so not too much poo around at the moment, mom is still eating all their shit, but that\’ll come to an end soon and we\’ll be on landmine alert!!!!   It\’s all good, even when it isn\’t!!! take care bud….xx

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