or to give it it’s full name – Pre Meditereanean Tension
Yep, the pace has been hotting up this week, nariida is due back in the water at midday on monday. It was strange to notice but everyone just picked up their pace this week without being prompted. Of course, they all know that out splash day is monday, the place just has a sense of urgency about it.
Last night i went into the annex to look for the puppy. as i approached, i noticed the windows and doors were open. The annex also has an office inside for paddy and his website and his helper. looking in, i couldnt believe my eyes……….puppy shit everywhere! for the whole week, i havent been inside the annex, i just open the door in the morning and again at night to let the dogs out or back in again. as i started work early this week, it has always been dark when i leave and dark when i return, but yesterday, i got home at a reasonable time.
the stench was almost making me gag as i cleaned it. then i thought, what if Elu, paddys helper, thinks i know the shit is there and i have been too lazy to clean it up? embarrassing!
Tonight, i will be home again in the city. gonna sleep until i wake up then head to work tomorrow. today we fired the new engine, tomorrow, hydraulics and water systems – will be fun.
on monday we hit the water and then it is a short rtip across the bay to another mooring.
maybe i will write again tomorrow

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