wednesday – dubious!!!

ok, so my week progresses, i wondered what was in store for me today.
 this morning, the gas ran out and my shower went cold. no piped gas here just bottles. not a bad start to the day ?
I was also missing one of the dogs, not seen for 24 hours and nowhere inside the house and not hearing me call it.
while working in the rudder section of nariida today fixing the exhausts i was full of hapiness. i started singing a classic rolf harris song, ‘two litle boys’ when the captain popped his head in laughing like a mad man!    busted !
before leaving work tonight i had a quick check around paddys bike. i noticed that the rear tyre was beginning to split and de-laminate, not a good thing, so i didnt go so fast on the way home.
Shock horror when i arrived. the missing dog had returned but the puppy was missing from the annex. i walked to the main house and opened the door, there he was in the kitchen the cute little thing.
a quick look for puppy poo and no sign of it anywhere. i walked in and closed the door then i saw it. a semi firm puppy poo placed perfectly behind the door so that when i opened it, the mush spread all across the floor!
the little bastard is locked outside as i type!
stay tuned for tomorrows bundle of laughs

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