gut feeling is – dont do it!!
and the jones is now feeling the same way. in all honesty, the deal just isnt good enough to warrant leaving here at the drop of a hat. imagine, all flights paid for, accommodation paid for, all food and beer paid for and 5 grand a month on top of that, legally tax free, and i am knocking it back!!!!!!!
curiosity gets the better of me.
but on friday, i am meeting again with the captain of another boat based here in mallorca. he needs an engineer, live on the boat, all food and consumables paid for by the boat, just need to negotiate on the salary, but i am reliably informed on a boat of that size, i should blag for at least 42k per year so who knows? more updates here at the weekend, so be sure to drop by again
authors footnote – no-one ever reads this shit so i would just like to add that i am now on the lookout for a new squeeze. old rules apply. 1. no tourists…….2. dont steal someone elses girl………and a new rule 3. latinas only – nothing else will do!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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