good reason to hate mondays

sometimes, shit just happens.
i am staying at a friends place in the country for a week while he is away to look after his dogs and fish. he has a new puppy and i was feeling a little mean making it sleep in one of the annexes all alone so  for the last 2 nights i let it sleep in the house.
imagine my glee when i walked out of the bedroom this morning and saw five pee stains on the mat ! i was in heaven, until, i realised that one of the stains was infact a pile of poo, that just about started my monday morning as best it could.
but better was to come. normally i walk to work but not his week, as i am out in the sticks i have to drive. I almost leaped for joy as my clutch cable snapped as i entered palma town early this morning.
to top that off, my whole day has been spent trying to get a new exhaust box into nariida, it has been a real piss off of a day. tomorrow i have to use paddys motorbike to get to work – i hope that doesnt hurt!!
I also knocked back a second job today, one that realy wasnt paying enough and was a little suspect on his honesty. i did offer him another way out and he seemed keen. waiting for a call back

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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