never trust a skinny chef!

so a few days off and all is well.
the bangkok job will materialise today, yay or nay, i will know by the end of the day. the experience would be great but i do have a couple of reservations that need to be agreed on. if we reach an agreement, on 10th march, i will be leaving palma for at least two months, all expenses paid and 5 grand a month for my troubles.
there is another job still in the pipeline here, a good secondary back up but it means i will need to stay here for the next 12 months. that will also pay around 36 grand for the year and living on the boat means no out of pocket expenses whatsoever!
so decisions are about to be made.
on a lighter note, as i have had time off, i decided to completely veg out and do not much but play xbox and eat at the american diner for a few days. just trying to relax before things go absolutely mental on nariida. the chef in the diner is a huge big fat chick. my point being, if she wasnt a good cook, she wouldnt be so fat! a bit like going to the huntsman in dunchurch for a meal. the food is absolutely awesome, and the chef, richard, is also supersized! my theory is proven. so next time you walk into a restaurant and see a skinny chef – LEAVE!!

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