been a long time

sometimes i like it that way!
have four days off work now, was originally planned to spend with the doctor but as she is no more , i thought i could use the rest!! so, no more work until wednesday when it will return to a full on 12 hour day, maybe even 7 days a week until they sail around 25th march.
also in the pipeline are a couple of interesting jobs. One is based here on a 100 ft sailing yacht but will mean staying here for at least a year. i have to negotiate with the captain next week if i want to take it on. the other, could see me heading for bankok for two months with mason, although we are still waiting to learn more about this. either way, by mid next week, i will have made a decision. so be sure to check back next week to see where i will be heading next.
remember my tramp friend? well , turns out he is from scotland and his name is brian. I havent got round to asking him how he managed to get stuck here but i pass each morning and call out to him and say hello. He never returned my flask though. i have asked a few times but i reckon he pawned it to buy some grogg.
this week, was masons birthday so tonight we have a little shin dig planned in Tavarua. No, not the small idilic surf island off the coast of fiji but the local pub that shares the same name.
it is an early start so i will be very careful as to how much i drink. i would hate to have to spend the whole of sunday recovering, especially when the weather is so good here. i really fancy a day at a secluded beach somewhere away from all of the tourists.
today for the first time since i got here in november, i had to put some diesel in my car, i guess i shouldnt complain, its the first tank of diesel i have bought in almost four months. i like to walk to work, its just perfect. helps me wake up in the mornings too.
My daunting task for this week is to drill a hole in the bottom of nariida for a new exhaust separator. ok, technically, drilling a 2” hole is no big deal, but this one is under the water line on a 110 ft yacht worth i would guess around 10 million bucks. so you see my concerns ? i am saving myself for this one!
i finally bought a TV to play xbox on. a very sweet 20” lcd screen for a bargain price of 300€ so now i can stay in all night long and play until i fall asleep.
i am trying to do all of my chores today, i havent really cleaned the apartment since i got here, so i am just back from the supermarket with a box of swiffers to to the dusting. have to hoove rup and tidy my cds away just incase cecile and jean-luc come back from the carribean unannounced!
so enough clap trap – i got work to do

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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