gracias amigo !!

this morning, my feet hit the floor as soon as i woke up, i had something important to do.
i put the cooking pot on the stove and headed for my warm shower. i wondered if he would be there and how scared he might be as i approach him.
the soup was hot as i poured it into the flask, peeled two bananas off the bunch and plucked two oranges out of the fridge. The walk to the park takes maybe ten minutes. i had plenty of time to rehearse what i would say.
as i got to the crossing opposite the park, i could see him. i thought maybe he wouldnt be there after the rain but he was, sitting smoking a roll up.  Surprised, I actually said out loud, `he´s there`, the man next to me at the crossing looked at me a little wierd, but thinking about it now, where else would he be ??
I walked over to him and approached slowly, i could see fear and anticipation in his eyes, i wondered how i could calm him but then i guess he saw the fear in my eyes too. I knelt beside him and looking up told him that i have hot soup and fresh fruit for him, the flask was a present for him to keep. I showed him how to open and close the flask.
he looked at me with watery eyes and said – `Gracias amigo`, thank you friend!

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