so you think you got problems?

this morning , while walking to the boat yard i was mulling over a few of my personal problems. I was feeling a bit sorry for my self, life, so  i thought was pretty shitty.
i saw the tramp that sleeps on the park bench each night. I suddenly realised that actually i had it quite good. I had just climbed out of my warm bed, in my warm and dry apartment, had a hot shower, some breakfast and put on clean clothes. I see this tramp each morning, in the same place, however cold the night has been , he is there.
I decided that my life was actually quite good and also that i had so much soup in my fridge and fresh fruit in my kitchen that tomorrow morning, i would take him some hot soup and fresh fruit for breakfast.
Tonight on my way out to the pub, i stopped at the local chinese shop to buy a thermos flask for the soup. I looked through the shop and couldnt find one. I spoke to the chinese shop owner and explained that ( no hablo muy espanhol, procuro-se uma coisa, como um vase, para comidas y bebidas caliente) i dont speak a lot of spanish, i am looking for a cup or something similar to keep food and drink hot inside (that would be a direct translation) . she understood me perfectly and pointed me to a shiney stainless steel thermos for just 7.50€.
as i left the shop, i couldnt help but think how happy i was with myself for my small language achievement, this tramp didnt know it, but he had put a big smile on my face.
so tomorrow morning, he will have a hot thermos filled with carrot and pumkin soup, a banana and a couple of oranges for his trouble. I hope he will be there, it`s raining tonight and he might have slept somewhere else.
lessons in life are always so close to where you are – you dont even have to look too hard!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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