blue on blue

america , fuck yeah!
the more i read about these gun happy fuckers, the less i want to interact with them.  How stupid can you be? not one but two high ranking american air force officers and pilots yet you still manage to mistake a flourescent flag on the top of a friendly tank for an orange coloured rocket launcher !!!!!
orange coloured rocket launcher my ass – that was your `friendly`id tag dumb ass!
if you got time, listen to the audio, if you havent got time, make time. British soldiers died in this blue on blue.

One response to “blue on blue

  • lexa

    wayne honey,  war has got to be the single most waste of everything we hold dear, on the planet, but when you\’re fighting one for no valid reason, but, that your leader says you have to, well, what do you say to that.  watched fahrenheit 9/11 a couple of nights ago, how do you ever come to terms with losing a loved one for THAT???????? Honour and respect  amongs people, don\’t think it really exists much anymore. ……………………. Oh, another real waste is all the redheads who don\’t know you!!!!  Have loads

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