good news or bad news?

well, you decide …..
yesterday, my bank statement finally arrived from first direct, this i thought was good news as i could finally take my broken camera back to the shop to get it fixed or replaced.
when i read the statement, the transaction date was 4/02/06, yesterday was 5/02/07 so my years warranty was over by one day – bad news!
I went to the shop anyway to try my luck. I asked the guy in the shop if he spoke english or portuguese? – no, just spanish. this was both good news and bad news. bad because it now meant i had to try my limited spanish on him and switch to portuguese when i didnt know the spanish words i wanted but also good news because i can speak two languages and he can only speak one!!
Then good news – he accepted my broken camera and filled in the receipt and gaurantee card there and then, stamped it and signed it. Bad news was, the camera now has to go to madrid on the mainland and will be away for between one and two months so more bad news is that there will be no ´palma poo shots´ for at least that time.
Good news was that i was back in porto pi shopping centre, many of my loyal readers will remember this place as a place that can be so full of hot latinas that on a few occasions i have had to leave purely out of intimidation at the amount of hotties that are there. Even better news was the super sweet chick working in the camera shop too.
More good news when i hit the escalator! not only another super hot chick, but this time with curly red hair, my absolute favourite. By this time, i was beginning to get a twinge in my pants – certainly bad news! i started quickly reciting my 13 times table. this is always gauranteed to curb the trouser snake before it gets to full mast, see the first three calculations are easy but when you get to 4 x 13 you really have to start thinking, and from then onwards, the maths is the only thing that gets harder – works every time.
so good news – i was back to walking on just two legs
then more good news – while shopping inside carrefour, another sweetie with red curly hair!!!!!! seemed like good news for ever , until
on the way back to the car, on the escalator with my trolley, the grandma infront of me stopped at the top of the escalator without moving, generally, not good nor bad, until you realise that the escalators here have some wierd system that locks the trolly solidy in position with magnets or something while it is on the moving platform – not good news
She stopped to bend over and talk to her grandchild but never thought to move out of the way of the escalator, so by now the front of my trolley was on an autopilot collision course for her rather rotund rump, not good news for her and not good news for me, a weeks worth of shopping was about to dissappear!
So, i wanted to shout – ´hey dumb ass, move your fat ass out of the way´but i neither had the time to say all of those words and nor did i know them in spanish, double bad news, so i settled for the international language of ´Oi Oi Oi´. Good news for me, she heard me and my shopping was saved.
more good news for me, by the time i got to the car, i had still been inside for less than one hour so my parking was free!!!
now – is it good news or bad news that my life can be so exciting? this was just a period of one hour yesterday! you decide

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