the greenpeace book

ok, guilty as charged, havent written anything for a long time. trouble is i work so much i rarely get inspired in the same way that i do when i am in portugal just bumming around. dont believe me? then take a look at one of my classic pieces of writing from my archives of december 2005, a classic passage called álentejo surf and drive
 so , you will remember just how classic i can be, i just need inspiration.
lineke thinks we should holiday together. This poses a little dilema for me.
firstly – i am tighter than a ducks butt, paying for a holiday would really grieve me especially when –
secondly – i live in portugal for half the year and spend the other half of the year in spain.
lastly – where would we go ? ok, i fancy italy but have the feeling that if i went there, i might not come back! I dont really dig long haul so that really rules out anything outside of europe, and my list of already visited countries in europe with sea frontage consists of
england (surfed here)
wales (surfed here)
France (surfed here – biarritz to be precise)
Spain ( surfed here – for what its worth)
Portugal (surfed here once or twice)
then of course there is also
so where? and why?  give me some ideas please.
which reminds me of some graffiti i used to see every morning on my drive along the M1 to northampton. the bridge graffiti simply said
´give me inspiration´
it used to make me smile. was at a time when work was a real drag and to read that message every morning would make my day smile. Thinking even further back, when i was just a kid, there used to be some more graffiti on a bridge , again on the M1 somewhere near luton i think, that used to say
´hissing sid is innocent´
for those of  you that are old enough, i bet you are smiling too, a bit like the graffiti i saw on the back of a dirty truck one day, ´arthur fowler is innocent!´ yep, if you are reading this from outside of the UK , you wont have any idea what i am talking about. so, to even things up a bit, some universal graffiti i once saw written on the back of a dirty truck –
´no hand signals – driver wanking ´
anyway. today i agreed my future employment with nariida until they sail off to St Tropez around 25th march. after that, they are heaading to norway for the summer and wont be doing any med races, so sadly, no chase boat driver position for me. Also today , confirmed with another boat that they want an engineer with a Y4 ticket which effectively rules me out of the game although, he has left it late i think to find someone at such short notice…….maybe he will come back to me.
so that will leave me looking for work for one extra month. around march time that shouldnt be too hard, there will be a ton of boats all behind schedule and gagging to set sail for their summer season, then all i have to decide is what to do for the summer time
the weekend will be busy as hell for me, and i am currently booked solid now until saturday 10th of february. By then, things will be seriously hotting up on nariida and i reckon that all other work will fall by the wayside.
the temperature here has plummeted, since last saturday and up to wednesday this week, the temperature dropped a massive 18 degrees – in just 4 days. i need to buy some warm clothes!
so, what ever your plans for the weekend, keep warm and enjoy yourself!!!!

2 responses to “the greenpeace book

  • Lineke

    Czech republic, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Trukey, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Jordan, and France is really big an has loads of coast line! Biarritz is where groms hang out, Silly!

  • Alex

    Dude, thought I would give you a bit of London 80\’s graffiti:
    \’Jesus saves, but Brooking scores on the rebound\’
    Always made me chuckle, you\’re still suck a cock by the way……..

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