you got mail!

it is kinda cool when people leave messages on the crap that i blurt out on a regular basis! mind you, after more than 13,000 hits, one might think that i would have more than that?
the greenpeace book is still likely to make history, albeit for the wrong reasons. regular readers of my nonsense will remember how much i have been raving about this book for a few weeks now. well, sadly it has now come to a grinding halt. the book itself has always been a very heavy read – heavy in an intense and long sense, it has had me rivetted for hours and hours but now, it has turned into a grande farce.
wierd thing is, it turned into a pile of poo at just about the time that the author entered the fray as a character in his book. I guess prior to this point, it was a very well researched piece of work but now it seems to have turned into a name dropping self appraisal excercise for the author, which is a damn shame, the book was stunning up until about half way through. So, it looks as if the greenpeace book will go down in history as the first book i ditched without finishing it all. hardly seems to do it justice. I will give it one more try but dont hold out too much hope.
what more is there to say?
well, its cold here too at the moment. so cold in fact that i had to go and buy some warm clothes for work yesterday. I am wearing them now actually. they were dirt cheap and a bit too cool for work. Most work clothes get religated from daily wear to workwear as they age and get tatty or unfashionable so to buy new clothes and hit them straight as workies seems a bit extravagant for me so i am wearing them now just to help myself with the stigma!
i still dont have any pants on though
my camera is still broken, i am waiting for my bank in the uk to mail me a statement so that i can go to the shop. time is almost out as the camera will have its first birthday in february. as soon as i get a new one or get this one fixed, i will hit the streets of palma and get those poo shots i have been promising for so long.
lineke will arrive here in palma in a couple of weeks. i actually am taking time off work. yep, for those of you that know me well, i bet you just fell off your chairs in amazment! four days of R & R (thats dutch for sex and more sex!) might even show her some of the more appealing sights of the island, but enough about me and my leopard skin thongs!!!
just worked a 7 day week this week and it is only going to get heavier while nariida is getting ready to sail, gonna be some serious stuff so i might not get here too often.
i added some new photos of me and Mr & Mrs Oliver (cold in norway) from quite a few years ago. take a look at the back end of the photo album of your new year photos and you will see a slightly younger version of me, a version that has now matured into the incredibly buff and studly man stud that you see before you now.
anyway, enough crap for one day – keep warm and send me some photos for my page – i dont have a camera for myself!
authors footnote – please let it be known that my girlfriend has the cutest ass i have ever got my hands on. i wonder how many people actually read the authors note? not many i guess but i am about to find out if lineke does !

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