the history has begun – the greenpeace book has a new reader

the greenpeace book has started its circle. Some very kind person has left a message on the page and they will be the second person to read the book. Unfortunately, they didnt leave their name or contact details so i could forward the book to them so that narrows it down a little. there is only one person i know that could do something like that…………..MELV !!!!!
so as soon as i have finished the book, it will be air mailled to you Ms Melvin, first class of course, with a few instructions as to what to do with it once you have finished with it.
OK, so today, i finally decided to head out and take some photos for my Palma dog poo chronicles. sadly, today was the day that my camera finally decided to give up. less than one year old and nearly 400 bucks and blam, nothing. I am hoping that my bank can email me a statement to prove the purchase as i have lost the receipt!
there is a pattern developing here though. through all of the years in england, all of the stuff i have bought, nothing ever went wrong with goods. Since i have lived in portugal, i have managed to buy 2 faulty cd radios, one faulty TV, one faulty dehumidifier and now one faulty camera. learn the lesson here people, keep your receipts when you purchase outside of blighty.
As for bank statements, i havent had those in years and in all of those years (more than 20 infact) i have only ever needed to prove something with a bank statement twice (lesson two – dont keep your bank statements – they will depress you!). The first burden of proof was for a poll tax payment that the local council claimed there was no cheque in the letter i send them (bank statement proved otherwise) and now, for my camera, i hope luck is with me on this too.
work has been very full on this week and i have no doubt that it will continue until early march if not for longer.
this afternoon i cooked lunch for myself, mason, chris and paul. We all thougth it would be a good idea to begin a sunday dinner club of sorts, a day for relaxing and at least having one hearty meal a week. this week was my turn to shop and cook so we all scoffed down a good helping of chicken, veal, roast potatoes – parsnips – mushrooms, and of course broccoli not forgettting the bisto gravy too, a can of beer and a bottle of red wine, all in front of a roaring log fire.
but let me tell you, even though the fire was on, we still managed 22 degrees here today in mallorca. certainly unusual for this time of year but i got a feeling that winter will bite hard shortly. If it doesnt, there sure will be a hell of a lot of mozzies this summer!
So lets get back to this amazing greenpeace book i am on at the moment. Last night i was reading a section that talked about some research on a captive orca whale, or killer whale as they are commonly known. the scientist had been testing and rewarding the orca for telling the difference between two cards immersed into his pool. one card had one straight line on it, the other card had two straight and parallel lines on it. to test the orcas vision, he kept closing the gap between the two lines and repeating the experiment until the orca´s accuracy fell below 90%. The orca could distinguish between one or two lines all the way down to the tiny gap of 1/32 of an inch – thats less than one millimetre! the research was aimed at proving the intelligence of whales so that a ban on whaling could be enforced.
this book is awesome, if you want to join the bun fight to be the third person to read it, leave a message against this blog entry or email me
you know you want to

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